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Organic Table Olives

Corporate Information

Kroisos is a small family owned business devoted to bringing you delicious Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Table Olives from the homeland of precious olives. 

We proudly grow our olive trees on limestone slopes of Salihli, Manisa. It’s widely accepted that natural calcareous soils have the best characteristics for olive cultivation. The production plant is also in Salihli, Manisa, a small beautiful town in the Agean region and conveniently located only 90 minutes from the port of İzmir.

Our organic cultivation techniques combine tradition, innovation and technology. Kroisos is in strict observance of the national and European laws and regulations for organic production.

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted by continuous system with cold press method, on the same day they have been picked. Our hand-picked olives lose nothing of their nutritional value and healthiness.

The production process uses top quality standard technology, in order to obtain the highest quality oil. We store it in inox tanks and keep it at a stable temperature with absolutely no oxygen contact thus, insuring the best conservation conditions and securing the maintenance of all natural nutrients. 

Our organic table olives are processed in a delicate manner using family recipe. No chemicals used and it takes more than two months to naturally cure in a sea salt brine. We only use sea salts that are 100% natural and do not contain any additives. 


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